Coaching Solutions

Performance Coaching

Coaching activities here are aimed at enhancing an individual’s performance in their current position with the aim of leveraging their personal effectiveness and efficiency.

Skills Coaching

This form of coaching focuses on the core skills an employee needs to perform in their role. Skills coaching provides specific yet adaptive approach to professional development.


Career Coaching

Coaching activities focus on the individual’s career, with the coach prompting feedback on the individual’s passion, skills and potentials.

Life Coaching

Provides support to individuals wishing to make some form of significant changes within their lives. Generally takes the individual’s past, present and agenda as main anchors.

Business Coaching

Business coaching is always conducted within the framework and goals placed on the individual or group by the organizational context.

Executive Coaching

Whether a C suite, VP or board member . By improving the performance of the most influential people within the organization, the theory goes that business results should improve from the top down.